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Bushranger X-Trax II Flexible Recovery Tracks (54X07)

The Bushranger X-Trax II is a flexible sand ladder that provides traction to vehicles stuck in sand, snow, mud, and uneven terrain. X-Trax is constructed of heavy-duty rubber and galvanized steel cables, and resembles a tank tread. X-Trax is 1.4 meters (4.6 feet) long and 30cm (12 inches) wide.

Comparisons between the X-Trax and MAXTRAX are inevitable. Like MAXTRAX, X-Trax is lightweight, quick, and easy to operate by just one person if necessary, and there is no need for a second vehicle or even an anchor point. There are also no stressed components on the vehicle such as recovery points. X-Trax works in sand, mud, slush, and snow. Using X-Trax is also considerably safer than using other vehicle recovery gear, as everything is done at a gentle pace and without yanking, pulling, pushing, or lifting loads.


Unlike MAXTRAX, X-Trax is flexible by design and this flexibility gives it certain advantages. X-Trax can bend, twist, and conform to very uneven terrain that recovery boards cannot. X-Trax may be rolled up or folded and transported easily inside confined spaces like vehicle trunks whereas MAXTRAX usually requires roof racks or external spare wheels. X-Trax has lots of different improvised uses like as a shower mat or winch cable damper while MAXTRAX is pretty much MAXTRAX. However, MAXTRAX may be inverted and used as an improvised shovel while X-Trax cannot. MAXTRAX is considerably lighter (15 lbs. for a pair of MAXTRAX and 34 lbs. for a pair of X-Trax).

X-Trax are sold by the pair and two carry wraps are included. The carry wraps may be carried like a suitcase for easy transport. The carry wraps close with Velcro and have instructions printed on the inside to assist first-time users and to ensure the instructions are never lost.

Bushranger Part Number -  54X07

Universal Product Code -  9322046540052


Bushranger X-Jack (72X10)

The Bushranger X-Jack will lift a 8,800 lb. vehicle up to 31" high, and yet it folds flat for convenient storage and transport. When developing the X-Jack, the design engineers at Bushranger recognized that conventional jacks were not well suited to all types of terrain and people of differing physical strengths. In soft and unstable areas of mud, sand, and snow, the X-Jack offers a wider footprint to avoid sinking and uses triangular-shaped rubber feet on its base to keep the X-Jack firmly grounded. The X-Jack is also usable by people of all sizes and strengths, as well as those who do not have the storage space for a Hi-Lift Jack in their vehicles.

The X-Jack incorporates a unique two-way inflation system: (1) the included exhaust connection kit; and (2) a standard Schrader valve. This means that either the vehicle exhaust or an onboard air system can be used, providing added control in determining the rate and extent of lift. If desired, the user the may inflate the X-Jack using both the exhaust and onboard air. The two-way inflation system also permits the user to inflate the X-Jack if his vehicle will not run for whatever reason.


For greater ease and stability, the X-Jack is designed to be placed under the side of the body rather than positioned under an axle like a traditional jack. Crawling around under your vehicle to position your conventional jack properly can now be a thing of the past. With an X-Jack, simply place the unit on the ground beneath the side of the vehicle to be raised and connect the hose to your vehicle's exhaust. When the engine is started, the jack inflates. A solid hard plate integrated into the top of the X-Jack protects against punctures. Sold complete in a heavy duty storage bag with carry handles, a puncture repair kit, a ground mat, exhaust connection kit, and a pair of gloves, the X-Jack is small enough to be stowed easily in your vehicle.

Bushranger Part Number -  72X10

Universal Product Code -  9322046650010