Epic Wipes at Expedition Exchange.  biodegradeable gentle on body bamboo sustainable health hygiene

Epic Wipes 20-Pack of Large Wipes (EWL)

Epic Wipes were designed by a U.S. Army physician after his tour in Afghanistan, and were born out of a necessity to maintain soldier health and hygiene in the most most austere field conditions. Epic Wipes are ideal for sports and outdoors use, where access to shower and bath is limited or not available at all.

Epic Wipes are gentle on your body and respectful of our planet. Epic Wipes use eucalyptus oil rather than soaps or alcohol like most wet wipes, and eliminate odor-causing microorganisms without risking bacterial resistance over time. Epic Wipes also leave no soapy residue, so they are a joy to use day in and day out over long periods of time. Epic Wipes are also non-toxic and safe for use on small children and pets. Epic Wipes are made from sustainable bamboo and are also 100% biodgradable.

Epic Wipes are considerably larger than a standard wet wipe or paper towel, so you will require only one Epic Wipe to clean your entire body. You can even tear an Epic Wipe into perfect sections whenever you want to share with someone else. While Epic Wipes are huge, they are individually packed and much more packable than standard wipes because there is no need to carry an entire container of standard wipes. Each Epic Wipe is about the size of a wallet and will easily fit into purses, backpacks, jersey pockets, pants pockets, and so on, so they are very convenient to have around for when you need them. Epic Wipes are almost a shower in a pocket.


This listing is for a box of 20 LARGE size Epic Wipes. Each box measures 8" x 7" x 3" and contains 20x of the individually wrapped LARGE Epic Wipes. Each Large Pouch measures about 3.5" x 3" x 0.5". When open, each LARGE Epic Wipe measures 26" x 12".

Epic Wipes are also available in an X-LARGE Size that measures 32" x 20".


Epic Wipes 10-Pack of X-Large Wipes (EWXL)

The Epic Wipes 10-Pack of X-Large Wipes are for those who prefer the largest possible size of wipe for their field showers.

This listing is for a box of X-LARGE size Epic Wipes. Each box measures 10" x 5" x 3.5" and contains 10x of the individually wrapped XL Epic Wipes. Each XL Pouch measures about 4.5" x 3" x 1". When open, each XL Epic Wipe measures 32" x 20".

Epic Wipes are also available in a LARGE size that measures 26" x 12".