Kermit Chair Company Logo.  Made in Tennessee, USA from white oak and 1000 dernier nylon.
Black Kermit Chair is the most popular color for this classic champ chair for motorcycle and 4x4 use

Kermit Chair Co. Black Touring Chair (KERMITBLK)

The Kermit Chair Co.'s celebrated Kermit Chair is designed and manufactured unlike any other folding chair on the market and is the premier camping chair. With a well-established design that has been unchanged for over 30 years, the Kermit Chair remains the finest built, most elegant, most comfortable, most compact, and most beautiful chair any camper can pack. There are many copies and all of them are inferior to the original. 

The Black Kermit Chair remains one of the most popular in the line.

Kermit Chair Co. Burgundy Green Kermit Chair (KERMITBRG) at Expedition Exchange motorcycle chair

Kermit Chair Co. Burgundy Green Kermit Chair (KERMITBRG)

Every Kermit Chair is hand-made in Tennessee from locally sourced white oak, with aluminum and stainless steel hardware. The white oak is double-dipped in marine-grade polyurethane, which is thicker than a spray coating and protects the oak for a lifetime. The chairs are covered in incredibly durable 1000-denier coated nylon, which is cut with heat to prevent unraveling. Weight capacity is 350 lbs., yet the chair weighs only 5.5 lbs. and folds considerably smaller than other camp chairs.

No other camp chair disassembles into such a small size as the Kermit Chair, which makes it suitable for motorcycle use as well as car camping.  Shown here is the Burgundy Kermit Chair.  Some people refer to this chair as the Cardinal Kermit Chair.  Call it whatever you may, this is a very elegant color and one you don't often see in camp.

Forest Green Kermit Chair at Expedition Exchange.  Handmade in Tennessee white oak nylon 4x4 camping

Kermit Chair Co. Green Kermit Chair (KERMITGRN)

Unlike other camp chairs, the Kermit Chair lets the user sit on and lean against taut nylon rather than in an unsupported sack, and there is no pressure against the bottoms of the thighs. The arm rests are real arm rests that actually support the weight of the arms rather than the common nylon bridges that don’t do anything except make a sack look more like a real chair. 

The Forest Green Kermit Chair is the classic Kermit Chair and is featured on the company's logo.

KERMIT CHAIR CO. NAVY TOURING CHAIR (KERMITNAV) at Expedition Exchange Land Rover Outfitters 4x4

Kermit Chair Co. Navy Touring Chair (KERMITNAV)

Every Kermit Chair comes standard with a 1000-dernier black nylon transport bag with handy carry strap that is only 22" x 4" x 6" in loaded dimensions. The Kermit Chair can be quickly and easily disassembled and packed in the transport bag or it can be left assembled and folded flat.

Like the Burgundy, the Navy Kermit Chair also has a beautiful and elegant color not often seen in most camps.

KERMIT CHAIR CO. RED TOURING CHAIR (KERMITRED) 1000 dernier nylon dipped white oak made in USA camp

Kermit Chair Co. Red Touring Chair (KERMITRED)

Kermit Chair Specifications include:

  • Dimensions ​In Bag - 22" x 6" x 4"
  • Dimensions Assembled - 19" wide x 12.5" seat height x 23" back height
  • Weight - 5.5lbs (2.5kg)
  • Capacity - 350 lbs.
  • Five-Year Warranty
  • Made in USA

The Red Kermit Chair is bright red and not burgundy/cardinal.  The bright red contrasts nicely with the blonde oak and makes for a beautiful chair.

Kermit Chair Co. Tan Touring Chair (KERMITTAN) at Expedition Exchange newest Kermit Chair color

Kermit Chair Co. Tan Touring Chair (KERMITTAN)

The Kermit Chair is available in the following colors:

The Tan Kermit Chair is the newest color from the company and already very popular.  It is tan in color, but doesn't feel  even slightly douchebag tactical.

Kermit Chair Co. Kermit Table (KERMITTABLE) at Expedition Exchange lounger cold drinks snacks camp

Kermit Chair Co. Kermit Table (KERMITTABLE)

The Kermit Chair Co. Kermit Table is a lightweight, portable, and elegant camp table that perfectly matches the celebrated Kermit Chair in height, construction, and style. The Kermit Table is handmade in Tennessee of white oak that is double-dipped in a marine-grade polyurethane, which is thicker than a sprayed-on finish and protects the table for a lifetime of use. The Kermit Table's height is 12" and the tabletop area is 12" x 14". Weight is about 2.5 lbs. The Kermit Table easily and elegantly disassembles into seven pieces that fit into the the included black 1000 dernier nylon carry bag that is only 15" x 5" x 3" in loaded dimensions.

Kermit Chair Co. WIDE Kermit Table (KERMITWIDE) at Expedition Exchange beside Snow Peak My Table

Kermit Chair Co. WIDE Kermit Table (KERMITWIDE)

The Kermit Wide Table is a wider version of the original Kermit Table. The Kermit Table's height is 12" and the tabletop area is 12" x 14". The Wide Kermit Table has the same 12" height, but the tabletop area measures 21" x 16". So the Wide Kermit Table is a full 9" longer and 2" deeper than the standard Kermit Table.  When disassembled and placed into the carry bag, the Wide Kermit Table measures 22" x 5" x 3". The Wide Kermit Table's disassembled dimensions very closely match the disassembled dimensions of the Kermit Chair.

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